[pm-h] ode blogging (perl script)

Mark Allen mrallen1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 09:39:04 PDT 2012

These days WordPress is pretty good about keeping your customizations and stuff 
consistent across upgrades.  And there's always wordpress.com if you don't want to 
self host.  Wordpress.com even supports LaTeX 


I personally write most of blog posts in Markdown, save them to github and 
use a tiny little perl script to turn them into HTML for posting on my original blog.

You can check out my repository for this work here:


This works pretty nicely - then I have a form that looks reasonably nice as plain 
text and as HTML without doing any extra work.  One thing that's nice about 
Markdown is that even if it isn't rendered it's a pretty clean reading experience.

From: Russell L. Harris <rlharris at oplink.net>
To: houston at pm.org 
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 11:25 AM
Subject: [pm-h] ode blogging (perl script)

I am considering installing and learning to use the Perl blogging
engine script "ode", first in the LAN and later, on a remote host for
public access.

My last blogging experience was with WordPress.  I started with the
first release, but as releases of updated versions and patches became
more frequent, WordPress quickly became a very demanding "religion".
In particular, I could not tolerate the inability of WordPress to
automatically transfer customizations and configuration settings from
one release to the next.

Ode assumes that the blogger is going to use his normal text editor to
produce plain text, then allow ode to utilize "markdown" to convert
plain-text to HTML.  However, ode allows the direct import of HTML.

My intention is to write posts in LaTeX markup (which is how I write
everything nowadays) and convert from LaTeX to HTML for the blog.
Several years ago, I was using HeVeA to convert LaTeX to HTML, but
with the advent of HTML5 and CSS, that may not be practical today. 

Recommendations?  Warnings?


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