[pm-h] simple perl directory+file task

Russell L. Harris rlharris at oplink.net
Tue Oct 2 08:00:44 PDT 2012

I am looking forward to the meeting on the 11th.  It is simple tasks
of the following sort which I hope the presentation is going to teach
me how best to approach:

SITUATION: A directory "datafiles/" contains files named "red.doc",
"green.dat", "yellow.tex", "blue.txt", etc.

NEED:  Open each file in the directory, and append to the end of each
file the file name, so that file "red.doc" reads:

     <existing text, if any>

file "yellow.tex" reads:

     <existing text>

and so forth. 

Of course, the next step is recursion into sub-directories.  From my
reading I think I see how to handle recursion, but obtaining the
filename and stepping through a directory is the immediate hurdle.  

It seems to me that the books and tutorials typically do not spend
enough time explaining the fundamental concepts.


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