[hbpm] Hawkes Bay Transmogrified

George Woolley george at metaart.org
Sat May 24 16:44:39 CDT 2003

In case you don't want the Hawkes Bay home page
to be so easy to read,
you could go to    http://camelot.pm.org/t7/aboutmog.html
and click on HawkesBay.pm.

Comments would be appreciated.   <<<<<
Light applause, raucus heckles -- whatever.

A key ingredient in doing the CGI for the above was LWP.

I've been playing with LWP recently.
This is partly because
we're having the 2nd of two LWP related talks in June
and partly because LWP is kool! (in my opinion).


Recently, I've done two other things involving LWP
that can be accessed from the web:

(1) a list of US groups by state.
Likely this is not of much interest in New Zealand,
however perhaps it suggests some possibilities
See    http://camelot.pm.org/us_bystate.html

(2) a brief weather report for Oakland, California
extracted dynamically when requested.
This specific weather report is also likely of little interest
in New Zealand.,
an easily available extract of a more local report might be.
See http://oakland.pm.org/    and then click on Oakland weather forecast.

Your comments on any of these would be appreciated.    <<<<< 


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