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Would you please share the tools you used for this for the people who really
badly wanted to attend but were unable to?

Thank you,

David Hoppe

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I apologize for the late notice -- we will be having a Perl Mongers
meeting this Friday, January 30.

When: Friday, Jan. 30 @ 11:30
Where: Priority Health Conference Center (http://tinyurl.com/cweuze)
What: Have you ever wanted to draw graphs, charts, or shiny, pretty
pictures with Perl?  Have you tried GD only to be disappointed by its
ugly but functional output?  Join us on Friday for a discussion and
demo about drawing pictures and charts with Perl -- images you'd
actually be proud of and want to show people.  As a bonus, we'll also
cover using a Perl-drawn chart in an interactive web application!

Please RSVP to me (jasonporritt at gmail.com) or Matt (matth at
everysoft.com) so we know how much FREE PIZZA to plan for.

Hope to see you there!
--Jason Porritt
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