[grand-rapids-pm-list] FW: Frozen Perl 2008 Call for Speakers closes tomorrow night

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Last minute call for speakers at this workshop in Minneapolis in February (below).

Also, any clamor for a GR Perlmongers meeting this Friday? We have a classroom reserved. Topic?

Ed Eddington

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Conversation: Frozen Perl 2008 Call for Speakers closes tomorrow night
Subject: Frozen Perl 2008 Call for Speakers closes tomorrow night

If you could forward this to your respective lists I'd be most


There's a little more than 24 hours left in the Frozen Perl 2008 Call for
Speakers (http://www.frozen-perl.org/mpw2008/cfs.html). If you've been
putting your submission off to the last minute, that last minute is fast
approaching. Submissions close at midnight (America/Central) on Tuesday,
October 23.

If you're on the fence about submitting a proposal, we really hope you do
submit something. More proposals gives us more choice, and we really want
to encourage new, interesting topics, and new, interesting speakers.


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