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I'd be willing to do a quick bit on new features coming in Perl 5.10.  Or maybe a brief Moose or Class::C3 tutorial.  Or both if we're light on ideas.


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I'm trying to drum up some participation for our Perlmongers meeting this Friday. I thought we would do lightning talks this month. A few of us could recap some of the "Things You Might Not Know About Perl" we learned from Andy Lester at the last meeting. I'm thinking of doing one of the following:


And I'm looking for other volunteers! Please e-mail me with a topic for a 5-10 minute talk - either a talk you would like to give or one you'd like to see. 

Our meeting will be this Friday Nov 30, 11:30-1:00 at the Priority Health Conference Center room C. 

Ed Eddington
GR Perlmongers

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