[grand-rapids-pm-list] Environment Variables and/or Properties

Carlus Henry carlushenry at sagetech-llc.com
Mon Jul 23 12:06:57 PDT 2007

Good afternoon everyone,

I am currently working on a couple of Perl scripts and thought that I would
post a question that I seem to run into all of the time.  It is regarding
environment variables and/or properties.  I am sure that we have all faced
the problem before, but I was curious to see how you may have resolved the
issue.  Let me first set the stage:

You are working on a program with variables whose values depend on the
environment that you are in.  For example, the database connection, dsn,
user id, password.  When you are in the development environment, you want to
connect to the dev database with development credentials.  When you are in
test...test and prod....prod.  In what ways are you specifying these
different values in each environment?  What has worked best for you?

Thanks and looking forward to the feedback.

Carlus Henry
SageTech L.L.C.
www.sagetech-llc.com | http://jdcarlflip.blogspot.com/
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