[grand-rapids-pm-announce] Special speaker this Friday: Brian D Foy

Al Tobey tobert at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 14:51:49 PST 2006

Please join us for Brian D Foy's talk on design patterns on this
Friday at 11:30am.  This event will be hosted at the Priority Health
Conference Center (3111 Leonard St ).


We will be giving away 5 books this month.  They are listed at the
bottom of this message.   Pay attention during Brian's presentation as
I will be asking questions derived from things he says, tangential or

-Al Tobey
President, Grand Rapids Perl Mongers
tobert at gmail.com


Who: Brian D Foy, co-Author of Learning Perl, 4th Edition
What: A presentation on Design Patterns in Perl at the next meeting of
the Grand Rapids Perl Mongers.
When: Friday, Feb 24th, 11:30AM
Where: Priority Health Conference Center (3111 Leonard St)
Lunch: Is included for those who RSVP by Thursday at 2:00pm.   Send
your RSVP to tobert at gmail.com.

Design patterns gives names to and describe ways for solving tricky
coding problems without creating additional complexity. Many of these
ideas are useful in Perl, and, when correctly applied, let you express
your ideas more clearly and naturally.

About Brian:
Brian has been an instructor for Stonehenge since 1998 and a Perl user
since he was a Physics graduate student. He founded the first Perl
users group, the New York Perl Mongers, as well as the Perl advocacy
non-profit Perl Mongers, Inc. which helped form over 200 Perl user
groups across the globe. He maintains the perlfaq portions of the core
Perl documentation, several modules on CPAN, and some stand-alone
scripts. He's the publisher of The Perl Review, a magazine devoted to
Perl, and a frequent speaker at conferences including The Perl
Conference, Perl University, MarcusEvans BioInformatics '02, and YAPC.
His writings on Perl appear in The Perl Journal, Dr. Dobbs, and The
Perl Review


The Cathedral & The Bazaar (O'Reilly)
C# Essentials (O'Reilly)
Samba-3 By Example (Prentice Hall)
The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide (Prentice Hall)
Apache Derby - Off to the Races (IBM Press)

Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning (Prentice Hall)
Linux Patch Management (Prentice Hall)
Self-Service Linux (Prentice Hall)

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