[Edinburgh-pm] YAPC in Glasgow next week...

Chris Yocum cyocum at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 12:27:31 PDT 2018


> Frankly I'd forgotten about YAPC being in Glasgow so soon, and this took me a
> bit by surprise:
> http://act.perlconference.org/tpc-2018-glasgow/
> Anyone here planning to go?
> I'd quite like to go, despite not actually having much Perl-authoring
> opportunities these days, perhaps for a day, or perhaps just going for the
> evening social, but I don't think I can invest the cost of a whole week and
> accommodation. But it'd be asignificant encouragement to know that there'd be
> people I knew thereto talk to.

Yeah, I had forgotten about it as well and have other responsibilities
which are weighing on me at the moment so I will not be able to attend.

All the best,
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