[Edinburgh-pm] Job postings?

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Thu Oct 1 03:01:02 PDT 2015

Gavin Henry <ghenry at surevoip.co.uk> wrote:
> Is this tolerated?
> Thanks.

Hi, Gavin. From my own point of view, I'd say it's fine to post Perl
jobs here. There've been a few job postings here over the years
without any complaints that I've heard — and it's not like there's a
huge glut of them getting in the way of other traffic. :-)

Also, if you don't get any interest here, you might try
http://jobs.perl.org/ as another place to find Perl people.

Best of luck with your recruitment process!

Aaron Crane ** http://aaroncrane.co.uk/

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