[Edinburgh-pm] Thurs: Perl

Murray perl at minty.org
Tue Oct 21 10:28:11 PDT 2014

I called to try and reserve a table ... long story short .. we can't.

There's a charity event on in the bar on Thursday, so they are
expecting it to be busy.  They'll only take a table reservation in the
"restaurant" ... no reservations in the bar ... can't be after 6.30,
we'd have to leave the table by 8.45, and they won't guarantee that
they can serve anyone who might turn up late.  Basically the
restaurant works ... like a restaurant :)

And they can't guarantee what "bar food" will be available - small
kitchen, busy night, etc.  There should be some - but be it might be
slow to arrive, etc. they can't guarantee anything ... they are
expecting to be busy ... no reservations in the bar ....

So ...

(1) Blackfriars ... it's likely to be busy & we may or may not get
good seating / food in a timely fashion.

(2) Try Timberyard (Lady Lawson Street)

(3) back to Ushers

(4) Other

I propose the following rules:

- If anyone expresses a preference, we go with the majority.

- If it's a tie, the place that was suggested first (after this email) wins

- If nobody cares ... Blackfriars ... if it's rammed & no seating ...
abort to Holyrood 9A.

The last is just a catch-all / fallback / line in the sand.  Do please
express a preference :)

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