[Edinburgh-pm] Tour continues; 2nd attempt @ St Andrews

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Wed May 21 10:06:51 PDT 2014

Murray <perl at minty.org> wrote:
> Anyone else fancy a trip to St Andrew's tomorrow?
> If not, I suggest the 3 (or 4?) of us take our route planning off-list :)

A summary of the travel plans we've made, in case anyone else would
like to join us:

17:41 train from Haymarket to Leuchars, arriving 18:33
Bus from Leuchars to St Andrews (takes about ten minutes)
Walk to the pub (about five minutes)
Taxi back to Leuchars
22:29 or 22:56 train to Haymarket (to be decided), arriving 23:43 or 23:57

The outbound train leaves Waverley at 17:37. The return trains arrive
at Waverley at 23:49 and 00:05, respectively. AFAICT, a return ticket
valid on the 17:41 train costs £20.40.

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