[Edinburgh-pm] Tour continues; 2nd attempt @ St Andrews

Murray perl at minty.org
Wed Apr 30 16:08:32 PDT 2014

Happy May!!

Thur 22nd May is the date.  Heretical month also.

I think the rough plan is to try and get a train 5-6ish from Edinburgh
to Leuchars, and bus (~£4.95 pp rtn, limited service in the evening)
or taxi (~£15 each way?) to/from pub in St Andrews & a train home.

Our man in St. Andrews has previously suggested:

> The Central does very good beer (it's current Fife CAMRA pub of the
> year) and, well, edible food :). I don't think we can book a table
> though and it does tend to get busy. This is unlikely to be a problem
> if you arrive early enough.

Apologies for the well-in-advance notice, but given it's a bit further
than our normal meetings, hopefully the advance notice will allow more
people to come along.

Who might be around & able to come?

ps. Edwin -> sorta hoping you will be around on the 22nd .... ?

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