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Jeff Parsons bynari at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 11:09:07 PST 2013


"Sorry, but no expenses to bring candidates to Edinburgh for interview 
and no relocation package for successful candidates."

They don't sound all that interested in getting a good developer if they 
expect us to pay for our own interview + relocation expenses.

What are some typical head developer Perl salaries in Scotland these 
days anyway? Anything close to £80k/year+ with company shares? Pretty 
much every job I see doesn't list the salary, which is pretty 
off-putting. It's such a waste of time to contact a company for a job 
only to find out they're offering £20k/year etc. I don't know where that 
practice of not disclosing salaries came from.


On 19/02/2013 17:00, Robert Rothenberg wrote:
> I've heard of this company. Their big product is parsing CVs, I think for
> recruiters and job sites.
> On 18/02/13 19:39 Aaron Crane wrote:
>> In case anyone hasn't seen this on jobs.perl.org, it's a local (they
>> say "Edinburgh", but they apparently mean "Musselburgh") full-time
>> Perl post:
>> http://jobs.perl.org/job/17023
>> I don't know anything about the position other than what's on that
>> page, but I thought there might be people round these parts who'd
>> appreciate a heads-up. :-)
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