[Edinburgh-pm] OT: sysadmin / devops job ad

Murray perl at minty.org
Fri Oct 19 03:28:49 PDT 2012

Hopefully you'll forgive me posting this here ...

theregister.co.uk / sysadmin / devops.  It's not a pure coding / dev job, but
there is an element of coding involved, primarily wrt to the traditional
sysadmin stuff, plus testing & release/quality control.


I haven't as yet, but will later today, be posting to jobs.perl.  Perl isn't a
requirement, but we are a Perl shop and we would like to stay that way.  Aka,
it would be well suited to someone wanting to learn more Perl and could
demonstrate they had the right grounding.  That said, existing Perl experience
isn't a bad thing either, it's just not a requirement to already know it.

Please feel free to pass on to any people/lists/social networks you think might
be interested :)

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