[Edinburgh-pm] Heretics

Murray perl at minty.org
Fri Nov 30 04:59:51 PST 2012

warning: stream of consciousness / brain dump follows.

fwiw, I have a "cunning plan" to try and arrange something approaching a
technical meeting in 2013.  This is selfish -- I don't have the time to attend
Ruby, Python, Scotlug, techmeetup, hacklab and Perl meeting each month, but
they all interest me.  I'm sure there are some I'm missing that are cool too.

Thus I'm wondering if we can't all continue to have our existing meetings, but
perhaps also once in a while all get together and share some geek love.

Together we're more nerdy than the sum of our $variables, or something like

Fear not -- this need not interfere with drinking.

And this isn't yet another conference.  It's small, informal.  I'll try and
sort some kinda venue / projector and do some of the boring adminitrivia.

You talk about anything you'd talk to your geek/nerd/coder/hacklab/et-al
friends about in the pub.  In a slightly, just about, more structured kinda ~15
min talk.  (shorter is better).

Roughly, the (rather hazy) plan is ...

    - less "Perl" more "nerd"

    - sorta like techmeetup, but without the suits.

        "By nerds for nerds".

    (thus, likely without the free beer/pizza ...).

I'm thinking "start small".  2-3 short talks, in an evening.  Adjorn to the
pub.  #1 probably ain't going to be anywhere close to this idea ... but hey,
gotta start somewhere.

Basically anything anyone on this list would find interesting and vaugely
nerdy.  More "lightning talks".  Less "conference paper".

(subtext : I may be naively optimistic, but I'd like to hear about cool shit
nerdy people are playing with in Edinburgh, and frankly I care less about the
technology.  Ruby, web-dev, air-powered canons, Python, Haskell or indeed Perl.
Or the art of brewing beer.  Together we're more nerdy than the sum of our
parts, etc).

Sorry for the brain dump ... clearly this needs more thinking etc, and I'm
hoping to make it along to a Ruby/Python meeting in the next couple of months
to finally say Hi and see if there is any interest.

ps. I note that Dec meetings clash with some "holiday" thing?  Thus, I think
realistically, it's Jan before I'm going to make it to a meeting.

Unless anyone fancies an "emergency social" in the pub sometime to discuss the
above?  And/or drink beer, wine, spirits, or non alcoholic beverage of your

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