[Edinburgh-pm] Young Rewired State

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Thu Jul 19 08:54:14 PDT 2012

So I've just had to pull out of being a mentor for Young Rewired State's 
Festival of Code (a hackathon, based around the idea of open data, for 
kids) on the 6th-12th August. Debbie from YRS tells me that they 
currently have *zero* mentors in Scotland, which means they'll probably 
have to cancel the Edinburgh and Glasgow centres.

Can any of you help? More info at http://youngrewiredstate.org/, or call 
Debbie (ping me off-list for her mobile number). If so, please sign up 
soon, for values of "soon" being roughly "today".

Please feel free to spread this more widely!


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