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Yes, I have noticed the disdain that people give me when I tell them
that I was at LFCS.


On 21/02/12 13:58, Miles Gould wrote:
> There's a talk about RPython and PyPy at the Informatics Forum on 
> Crichton Street next Tuesday - abstract below - and I thought that
> some of you might be interested. If you don't have a University
> keycard then you'll need someone to let you into the building;
> email me and I'll be happy to sign you in.
> ICSA is the Institute for Computer Systems Architecture; LFCS is
> the Logic and the Foundations of Computer Science group. They live
> at opposite ends of the building, work at opposite ends of the
> abstraction stack, and rarely interact, so don't worry about
> looking out-of-place :-)
> Miles
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> First announcement for forthcoming talk on 28th February.
> **This is a joint talk with LFCS**
> Date: Tuesday 28th February 2012 Time: 16:00-17:00 Venue: IF
> 4.31/4.33
> Talk and presentation from Laurence Tratt of Kings College London. 
> Title: Experiences of implementing a VM with RPython
> Abstract: Programming language designers face a horrible dilemma
> when it comes to implementing their languages: too little
> implementation, and it will be laughed at as too slow; too much,
> and it Officially I don't think these talks are open to the public,
> but I can will divert energy away from design. Lacking the manpower
> to make a plausibly fast implementation, many interesting language
> design ideas have faded unfairly into obscurity.
> In this talk I look at a new mode of creating "fast enough virtual
> machines in fast enough time" Virtual Machines (VMs), using the
> meta-tracing JIT language RPython. Unlike previous approaches,
> RPython creates VMs that automatically come with a JIT customised
> for the language being interpreted. RPython has been used to
> implement a new VM for Python that gives an average speed-up of 5x
> over the stock VM, and thus demonstrably scales to "real" 
> languages.
> I will share my experiences of creating an RPython VM for the
> Converge language http://convergepl.org/ to replace the existing C
> VM. The new VM executes between 3x and 10x faster than the old VM,
> despite taking significantly less work to create.
> I will outline: how RPython works; what a VM created using it looks
> like; the trade-offs of using RPython; as well as thoughts for the
> future of similar approaches.
> Regards Heather
> Heather Low School of Informatics The University of Edinburgh 
> Informatics Forum 1.37
> Tel: 0131 650 8741
> -- The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
> Scotland, with registration number SC005336.
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