[Edinburgh-pm] edin.pm website

Murray perl at minty.org
Fri Dec 28 08:59:04 PST 2012

So with apologies that this has taken *months* to finally complete ...

re: http://edinburgh.pm.org


I've added all the original files to git before doing any changes.

What's changed:

- Converted gifs to pngs
- Updated the "upcoming events" section.  w00t!
- Cleaned up the homepage text some
- Replaced the "page maintained by" email with a link to github
- Dropped the "Last updated" from the footer.  We have git now
- Removed base href & the domain from uris

    Thus <a href="http://edinburgh.pm.org/"> becomes <a href="/">

  Which means you can more easily checkout the git repo and run it locally.

Patches welcome :)  If it's a substantial change, you may want to post to the
mailing list first to check for objections before investing time and energy in

Stuff that requires on-going maint (blog, flickr pool, whatev) ... if you're
volunteering to do the maintanence, send a pull-req adding the link to the
homepage ;)

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