[Edinburgh-pm] Heretics

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 11:56:21 PST 2012

Murray <perl at minty.org> wrote:
> Thus I'm wondering if we can't all continue to have our existing meetings, but
> perhaps also once in a while all get together and share some geek love.

Apologies for taking so long to follow up on this, but I think this is
a good idea.  I'd be interested in seeing tech talks locally, and I'd
happily contribute by giving some.

> And this isn't yet another conference.  It's small, informal.  I'll try and
> sort some kinda venue / projector and do some of the boring adminitrivia.

Thanks for volunteering — I think the (perceived?) effort of
organising something like this is part of the reason Edinburgh.pm has
never had a technical talk.

> I'm thinking "start small".  2-3 short talks, in an evening.  Adjorn to the
> pub.

Good plan.

> ps. I note that Dec meetings clash with some "holiday" thing?  Thus, I think
> realistically, it's Jan before I'm going to make it to a meeting.
> Unless anyone fancies an "emergency social" in the pub sometime to discuss the
> above?  And/or drink beer, wine, spirits, or non alcoholic beverage of your
> choice.

I'd be up for that.  Anyone else?

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