[Edinburgh-pm] Silly Season Beer?

Murray perl at minty.org
Sun Aug 19 04:08:38 PDT 2012

This Thursday, 23rd, is Perl Mongers night.  Anyone in?  (Watch out for the
heretics the week after too!)

Given it's silly season, the extra heretic beer night this month, plus that
people might still be travelling back from YAPC ...

SUGGESTION : anyone fancy a movie instead of the Cumberland?


    "Indie Game: The Movie has quickly developed a name not just as a must-see
    documentary but also as a film pioneer in the world of distribution."

    Available DRM free for $9.99, in a variety of formats, etc.


It's also showing at the Cameo this week (18-23).  £7 adult, £5.50 student,
plus £0.30 optional refurbishment contribution, plus £1.60 booking fee per

So ... suggestion : meet in the cameo bar & go see the movie then retire to a
local pub instead of the usual Cumberland bar?  Film starts at 18:20.

Or, there is picnic option.  Might just be me, but while I love the idea, it's
often not worked out so well for us, but I've added it as an option for those
that want it.  The current forecast ain't great:




    VOTE HERE: http://www.doodle.com/zvqb9mcg3nn8356x

    3 options: Movie, Beer, Picnic, Any.

    "Any" lets you express pref even if you're ok with, urm, any.


If "Any" ends up winning then we'll go with the 2nd most voted option.  If it's
a dead heat I propose precedence being: 1) movie, 2) picnic, 3) pub.  Just to
change things up a little ;)

I suggest voting remains open until 23:59 TUESDAY 21st.  That gives you 48+
hours to read your email & vote, and provides enough planning time / ticket
purchase time.  I will email the list early on Wed with the winner.

Cameo details:


Carlton Hill details:

    (very limited public toilet facilities, bring your own beer/food etc).

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