[Edinburgh-pm] Marpa::HTML

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Mon May 23 05:01:54 PDT 2011

On 23 May 2011 12:55, Miles Gould <miles at assyrian.org.uk> wrote:
> I wrote a (not very good) parser combinator library in Python once - I
> wonder how well that would work in Perl? About equally well, I'd
> expect.

There's HOP::Parser.  I vaguely remember wanting to rewrite it
(possibly to use an implicit lazy stream implementation using
Scalar::Defer et al, instead of the explicit sub promise forcing.
Hmmm, and there was something else about the API I didn't like.  And
anyway, combinator parsers are so easy that rewriting from scratch
looks FUN!


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