[Edinburgh-pm] Call for Talks - Perl on Speed

Marco Fontani fontani at gmail.com
Mon May 2 05:07:02 PDT 2011

Hello fellow 'mongers,

Our next technical Glasgow.pm meeting is scheduled for Thursday 12th
May, at the usual location.
The website has been updated.

I call for all those who mentioned bringing a talk to come forward, so
I can then update the site/make all aware of which talks will be

This time I'd like to try something slightly different though,
regarding Lightning Talks.

This month's lightning talk topic is "Perl on Speed". I would
encourage all to bring a small lightning talk (5-10 mins) regarding
Perl and speed.
It may be anything from "oh look I sped up my program X% by doing this
instead of that", to "look at this ugly script which takes ages to
run, any suggestions?".

I hope you like the idea, and will be able to both attend and bring a
talk on topic :)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Marco Fontani
Glasgow Perl Mongers - http://glasgow.pm.org/
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