[Edinburgh-pm] Question about using attributes

Robert Rothenberg robrwo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:01:24 PDT 2011

I am having a strange problem with Attribute::Handlers that looks like
some kind of bug:

  package MyPackage;

  use Attribute::Handlers;

  sub UNIVERSAL::foo :ATTR(CODE) {

Basically, the "foo" function is called every time the compiler comes
across a function of the form

  sub bar:foo {

it is supposed to call the "foo" handler. When something in package
main (i.e. a plain script) uses it, "foo" is indeed called.

But when it's called from a separate package in a separate file, "foo"
is not called, although the compiler does accept the ":foo" attribute.

Has anyone else run across this problem?

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