[Edinburgh-pm] pub thursday

Murray perl at minty.org
Thu Feb 24 05:57:50 PST 2011

Changing direction ...

I have a presentation to do for glasgow.pm's next meeting on 10th March ...

I want an HTML/JS/CSS based presentation tool.  I've thus far failed to find
one I like.

Any recommendations?

I quite like these:



But both appear to be custom/bespoke, and not based on any existing open source
project.  I'd prefer to avoid yak shaving here.

Also, I'd like to be able to convert the slides into PDF or similar, and I'm
sure I came across a tool a few years ago that would do these things, but I'm
stuffed if I can remember what it is now.

Anyway, what's hot in (html based) presentation software these days?

Bonus points for anything that I can force to use my preferred font face, as I
want to give Futura a spin.  Typekit appears not to have that one, so I'm
guessing I might have to buy it for my mac ... (I'm happy with the notion that
I only get Futura on my presentation if the presentation is running on my Mac

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