[Edinburgh-pm] Edinburgh Ahoy!

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sun Apr 17 03:26:57 PDT 2011

Hey chaps,

I'm going to be in Edinburgh for a week in the not too distant future. 
So I wondered if you fancied a beer or three in the Cumberland.

I'll be around from Friday 27th May to Thursday 2nd June. So something 
around Tues/Wed (31st/1st) would be good. How does that sound?

Also, I'd like to abuse your local knowledge. Since I first read about 
it in the early 80s[1] I've fancied a visit to Rosslyn Chapel and on my 
many trips to Edinburgh I've never got round to it. I know there are 
many tourist trips from Edinburgh, but we're a little wary of those and 
would rather get there on public transport if that's at all possible. 
Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.



[1] Long before Dan Brown had heard of it.

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