[Edinburgh-pm] Glasgow.pm resurrecting

Marco Fontani fontani at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 06:03:50 PDT 2010

Hello fellow Perl Mongers,

I am afraid I did not manage to see you at the last scheduled social
gathering of Edinburgh.pm.

That said, I have some news that I hope will interest at least some of you.

The first, as the subject mentions, is that I'm trying to resurrect Glasgow.pm.

We have a mailing list and a temporary website at
http://glasgow.darkpan.com (awaiting the glasgow.pm.org redirection).

We're already in ~5/6 people, and none of them is known for biting people yet ;)

I was wondering if any of you would be able to forward the above
information to any people you know in the Glasgow area who may be
interested in joining the Perl Mongers group here, or maybe (just
maybe!) some of you would also want to join our gatherings.

We aim to meet on the second week of the month, so as to not co-incide
with the Edinburgh.pm meeting: one less excuse for any of you to come
to our meetings!

Furthermore, I'm aiming to setup the group as more of a technical
gathering (talks, lightning talks and the like) rather than a social
one: I think it complements well the social gatherings of Edinburgh.pm
and would provide both kinds of Perl Mongers activities in the
(southern) Scotland area.

The company I work for has promised to provide the venue for the
Glasgow.pm meetings, and I'm just waiting on some technicalities
before posting the full details on the site.

I'm organising a first non-technical meeting for next Thursday
2010-09-09 in Glasgow. The venue has not yet been chosen, but I'll
alert you as soon as I know; it will probably be nearby the Queen
St/Central station area.
The aim of this next meeting is to have a chat, know each other, and
discuss who's going to bring which talks to the next technical
gathering (probably the second Thursday of October), and on which

I'm sure attending / talking at these technical meetings would be a
good preparation for that Perl/dynamic languages conferences you're
trying to get sorted for next year :)
Please do join the mailing list, and contact us / myself for any
further questions.

Now for the second bit, still regarding the Perl/dynamic languages
conference: I may have found a sponsor for it, but I do not know what
needs sponsored, how much (£££) needs sponsored, and the like. Could
those of you who have that information please contact me off-line and
we can start discussing this?

Thanks for reading this far ;)
Hope to see you all soon!

Best regards,
Marco Fontani

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