[Edinburgh-pm] Tech meeting: 2 days to go

Marco Fontani fontani at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 02:15:03 PST 2010

Hello fellow Perl Mongers,

Just a reminder that our next Glasgow.pm Technical Meeting will be in
two days, on November 11th, 18:15pm at s1's offices in Glasgow.
Also a reminder there are only two days left to prepare your talk if
you haven't done it yet.

We have a number of talks scheduled for this session:
- Miles will present a talk comparing the distributed version control
systems darcs and Git
- Chris will enlighten us on "loops without loops: Ocaml and Perl as
functional languages"
- Wim will show us his latest work on "UPC: The Unobstrusive Perl Compiler"
- I'll have a lightning talk on Perl meetings and things to come
before our next December meeting
- If anybody wants to have another lightning talk, please do so ;)

As always, you will find all information at http://glasgow.pm.org/.
The site's code is also on Github.

I look forward to seeing you this Thursday

Best regards,

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