[Edinburgh-pm] In Edinburgh May 28 - Jun 4

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue May 25 02:35:49 PDT 2010

On 05/22/2010 11:40 PM, Murray wrote:
> On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 10:59:27PM +0100, Dave Cross wrote:
>> I'll be in Edinburgh again in a week's time. If anyone would like a pint  
>> or three (in the Cumberland?) one night between the 28th and the 3rd  
>> June, then that would be great.
> Sadly I'm booked the bank holiday weekend, but I'm free 1/2/3rd June.
> Pint or three always sounds fabulous :)

But then Robert wrote:

> I'm busy from 1 June onwards.

Well, that leaves me with a bit of a dilemma, doesn't it. Murray can
only do the 1st onwards and Robert can't do anything after May 31st.

Does anyone else have preference to help me break this stalemate?


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