[Edinburgh-pm] Heretical sabbat

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Wed Jul 28 06:28:00 PDT 2010

Siblings in Last-Thursdayhood!

The appointed day for the celebration of our monthly rite is tomorrow.
The Cumberland having been desecrated by the black rituals of the
Fourth-Thursdayite schismatics, we must find an alternative temple.

[Until, of course, the appointed time, when the stars shall align and we
shall rise again and overthrow the oppressive Fourth-Thursdayite junta.

The suggestions so far are

(1) The Stockbridge Tap
(2) Some bar on Candlemaker Row whose name I've forgotten
(3) Dagda.

I know I said I'd organise a reconnaissance-in-force of option (2), but
I wasn't feeling up to it at the weekend. Sorry.

So, votes? (1) was nice last time we went, but is a bit far out and hard
to find; (3)'s nice and does good beer, but is a bit small. I vote we go
for (2) and move on to the White Hart if it turns out to suck.

Now, can anyone remind me what said bar's called?


PS Or we could go to the Cumberland. Enough purifying libations would
probably render it acceptable.
PPS http://rt.com/Russia_Now/Russiapedia/Those_Russians/lthe-lykovs.html

Fortunately, in a language like Lisp you don't have to live with all
the decisions of the designers.
  -- Paul Graham

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