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Hi Murray
I'm no expert either but I have some knowledge.
The hierachy of leagues  is:-
Scottish Premier League(SPL) - comprising teams such as Glasgow
Division One - comprising Dunfermline,Inverness Caledonian Thistle
Division Two -  not very entertaining play by less skilled players  on often
mudbath pitches
Division Three - As div 2 but a more depressing 90 minutes.( 2 x 45 minute

SPL is all seated, maybe div 1.
For a fixture tickets and costs  call  one of the clubs of the match you
intend to go to. I know the Dunfermline Chairman and I think a ticket there
is £19/game, so by the time you add parking, the pub and maybe a meal, and
possible getting drooked, it adds up to an expensive afternoon. BTW Remember
the *Offside* rule.
I played for the local Boys Brigade where I lived, only because there were
only eleven boys in the club.  Also, I had customers who were shirt sponsors
to Dunfermline  and St Johnstone.

As well as the leagues, there is the knock-out Scottish Cup.    You may not
be able to get match dates so far ahead. Select a club, and call their
Report back.

http://www.soccerassociation.com/12/0910/index1.htm  shows the teams and

2010/1/18 Murray <perl at minty.org>

> Dear Footie fans,
> An appeal for help - my knowledge of football can roughly be summed up
> as "there is a ball and two sides, right?".
> We have friends visiting 8-10th April (10th being a saturday).  They are
> most keen to visit a football match.  Glasgow / Dundee / Edinburgh or
> similar venues, preferably something in the top league (or top - 1).  Is
> it just "first division" up here?
> I don't know much, but they know even less about how we'd get tickets.
> So .. any pointers?
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