[Edinburgh-pm] Someone is wrong on the Internet, and I'm worried it's me

Julian Turnbull jules at turnbull25.plus.com
Sun Aug 1 08:21:40 PDT 2010

Miles Gould wrote:
> Help! I said something unsupported on Twitter, and now I'm being asked
> to justify it.
> Enraged by the discovery that there are language designers who think
> it's OK to provide textual whole-file inclusion as the sole
> code-reuse mechanism in fecking 2010, I tweeted
> LANGUAGE DESIGNERS: unless you have a really good idea for a module
> system, just copy Perl or O'Caml. You have no excuse for failure.
Which misbegotten language(s) would this be?  I remember working with 
that kind of code-reuse - with punched cards, somewhere around 1975.

I'd be interested to hear what other mongers make of the Perl-Python 
comparison in this regard.  I'm just dipping a toe in the water with 
Python, so I don't know enough to make a sensible contribution.


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