[Edinburgh-pm] Toga! Toga! Toga!

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Mon Sep 21 07:16:30 PDT 2009

It's now just over a year since Ciorstaidh and I moved into our flat,
and just under a year since I submitted my *&%$#: thesis [1]. In honour
of these, and because I've never been to one, we are holding a


at our flat, 6/14 Academy Street, from 2010 [2] onwards THIS FRIDAY, the
25th September 2009. The buzzer's broken: ring 07813 917746 for

Togas are optional, but encouraged. Points will be awarded for
historical accuracy, and points mean booze.

See you there!


[1] Perl geeks: what does that string of symbols evaluate to? And why?
[2] As any fule kno, 2010 was the start of the second watch, and thus
considered by the Romans to be sacred to Heliogabalus, the god of
beleaguered graduate students.

There are four ways to defeat your opponent: break his sword, break his
technique, break his spirit, or come at him in the shower with a crowbar.
  -- Anonymous kendo sensei

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