[Edinburgh-pm] Picnic!

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Fri Sep 11 04:33:43 PDT 2009

It's forecast to remain sunny tomorrow, and it's not /that/ cold yet.
Admittedly, I'm typing this with a pair of thick woolly gloves on, but
that's an RSI thing. So, let's have a picnic! While we still can! I'm
doing no2id stuff on Princes Street until 3, so let's meet on the
Meadows, near where the path goes up the hill to Lauriston Place, at
around 3.30pm. The alert among you will have noticed that this is near
to a supermarket where Picnic Foods can be obtained subject to the
handing-over of suitably-denominated currency units.

Bring food and/or drink, circus props if you have any, and something
warm if you feel the cold. Ciorstaidh and I will bring a Huge
Tarpaulin to put food on, and probably a blanket or two.


chown -R us ./base

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