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Your Identity
What is it, who owns it and how safe is it?
Public debate

Saturday 6th June at 5pm - 6.30pm,
Dalhousie Building, Old Hawkhill, University of Dundee

In our world of increasing globalisation and security awareness -
isn't it ironic that we have no 'right' to our identity?

Yet it is a part of our self that is under constant threat from theft
and misappropriation as one of the fastest growing crimes in the
western world.

This public debate is jointly hosted by the University of Dundee and
the British Association for Human Identification and will be chaired
by Alan Cochrane, Scottish Editor of the Telegraph.

Through a lively question, answer and debate format he will steer the
audience and the panel of experts through many aspects of our identity
- cultural, historical, political, legal, religious and biological.

Helping him on this epic journey will be Donald Findlay QC; John Vine,
Chief Inspector for the UK Border Agency (former Chief Constable of
Tayside); Sue Black, forensic anthropologist and Baron Paul Leckie,
retired business man and philanthropist.

The public are invited to submit questions for discussion on this
subject to the panel by sending their name and question to
info at bahid.org.

Tickets available from University Online store and the Tower Building

Drinks reception follows.

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