[Edinburgh-pm] The Last Thursday Approaches...

Robert Inder robert at interactive.co.uk
Thu May 21 07:13:50 PDT 2009

...  and there would normally be a Perlmongers meeting in the


There are several Perlmongers (Aaron, Rob and Peg,Miles, Chris, and I)
who will be hooping it up on a Croquet lawn that evening, before
adjourning to (I suspect) Cloisters around (I suspect) 9 to 9.30.


    If anyone else wants to join in with the mallet wielding, or bring a friend,
    could they let me know in the next few days.  It costs a fiver for use
    of the lawns and equipment.  Only requirement is to wear soft-soled
    shoes, and dress for the weather.


    Given the concentration of Perlmongers in Cloisters, it may be
    and idea to officially re-locate this month's meeting there...


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