[Edinburgh-pm] making .debs with dh-make-perl

Murray perl at minty.org
Wed Jul 8 02:52:46 PDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 10:36:07AM +0100, Nick Woolley wrote:
> Murray/Aaron: I gather you use dh-make-perl? Any pointers?

Err, not sure, but I could point you at:



And perhaps the surrounding thread.  I have a hacky/ugly/shameful little
script that wraps all that up for me.

I bet Aaron will have a more informed view, but perhaps it's the pain
you get when you mix packaging systems (cpan & apt).  I now avoid using
cpan for installs and build debs of everything ... a habit I blame on
Aaron ;)

In any event, I built a deb which I installed cleanly on Jaunty.  It's
also now in my apt repo, details here


I'll say again tho - I wouldn't trust my app repo if I was you - I make
no warranties about it at all, other than it currently appears to exist.

But it is what I use.

Or you can grab it here (for jaunty, although it looks like it may be
pure perl & not have much in the way of dependencies, so will possibly
just install on fairly recent debian dists ... Assume I'm waving my
hands around here and looking like I don't have a scoobie what I'm
talking about ...)


with the same caveats.

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