[Edinburgh-pm] Meeting dates (was Re: 2nd Wed)

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 08:14:31 PST 2009

Murray writes:
> Anyhoo, at the risk of being a heretic, I'd like to propose:
>   Tuesday 20th Jan, 6pm onwards.
>   Garabaldi's, Hanover St
>   http://www.google.com/search?q=garibaldi%27s+edinburgh

I dare say I'll be able to make it to that.  I mean, it's right
outside the office, and everything.

But that reminds me of something else.  There's this thing called the
"Edinburgh Tech Meetup", which claims to be a place for local techie
networking, especially for entrepreneurs and tech startups, with free
beer and pizza.  Their website is somewhat hard to find (remarkable
for something that seems so avowedly web-friendly), but it's here:


There's also a Google Groups mailing list:


Anyway, the reason I mention it is that they seem to have picked the
second Wednesday of the month as their preferred date.  I'd kind of
like to have the option of going to TM as well as Edinburgh.pm,
without having to bail early on one of them.

So, I'd like to propose a change of Edinburgh.pm meeting schedule.
I mentioned this at last night's meeting, and there seemed to be
some consensus (or acquiescence, anyway).

These are the regularly-scheduled local geek events that I think we
should aim to avoid.  (Or the ones that are claimed to be regularly
scheduled, anyway.)

  1st Thursday:  http://www.edlug.org.uk/
  2nd Wednesday: http://www.techmeetup.co.uk/
  3rd Tuesday:   http://www.edmug.org.uk/
  3rd Thursday:  http://scotrug.org/

Suggestions?  I'm thinking we should pick the fourth $day of the
month, for maximum separation from the other events.  Fourth
Wednesday?  Maybe pick a different day of the week?

Aaron Crane ** http://aaroncrane.co.uk/

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