[Edinburgh-pm] [bug #4] 4th Thursday scheduling

Murray perl at minty.org
Sun Dec 13 04:08:14 PST 2009

I note that the 4th Thursday of December this year is 24th.  Indeed, 4th
Thursday of every December is likely to clash with the traditional
Pagan^^^^^Christian holiday.

I perhaps should keep my mouth shut, given my recent attendance record,
but maybe those who operate under the mystic cloud of heresy might have
things to say on the matter?

Monday 21st is the shortest day.  In so much as heresy and drinking are
best done during the dark hours, perhaps this might be a suitable
alternative date?

Wikipedia also mentions that Festivus is often celebrated on 23rd,
although this is only 86400 seconds better than the 4th Thursday, so
perhaps not enough distance to merit summoning up the Heretical spirits?

Patches welcome.

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