[Edinburgh-pm] The significant owl hoots at midnight

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Wed Apr 29 04:47:50 PDT 2009

Brethren and sistren!

[is that a word? It is now...]

Tomorrow is the final Thursday of the month, the time when we of the
True Faith gather to celebrate our freedom from the foul strictures of
iCal and its sinister cohorts. Fittingly, it is also Beltane. Hence, we
will hold our Sabbat /slightly earlier than usual/ in order that those
who wish (including me) can get away to the Fire Festival (which starts
at 9.30, doors open at 7.30).

So, to summarise:

There will be a Heretics meet, at the Guildford Arms on West Register
Street, tomorrow night from about 6.30pm onwards (but feel free to show
up later if you'd prefer). Hoods are compulsory. The password is "Good
evening, Miles, would you like a drink?", to which I will reply "Yes,

See you there!


PS I've never been to Beltane before - is there anything I should know?
Is there any requirement to dress up, or to dress warmly, for instance?

Well, the Romans were proto-fascist bastards but at least they made the
aqueducts run on time.
  -- Scanian Redneck

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