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Murray perl at minty.org
Wed Oct 15 00:24:33 PDT 2008

Assuming I can get a place, I'm planning to attend.  I'm not a member,
but the last talk they held was free and open to non members.

To book a place e-mail: sscl at ccwlegal.co.uk

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                   The Scottish Society for Computers & Law
                            Speaker:  Craig Hunter
                   Sex, Lies and Blu-Ray: IP and Video Games
                            Tuesday 21 October 2008
            6.30 p.m. (registration and refreshments from 6.00 p.m)
                      Burness, 50 Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Video games are big business with year on year growth outstripping more
?traditional? media products.  The development of video games from concept to
sale is a lengthy and complex process with numerous stake holders involved in
development, production, publication and distribution.  The evolving demands of
?gamers? means a continuing development of the sophistication and interactivity
of each video game.

In addition to the technological issues that require to be dealt with there are
specific challenges in creating unique and non infringing intellectual property
in the context of video game development and production ? particularly when the
video game content may be considered to be ?controversial?.

This presentation examines the state of the video game market globally in
particular the intellectual property issues that require to be considered when
developing video games and video games content as well as the day to day
practicalities involved in dealing with the licensing, publishing and
distribution of video game content and technology across borders and
jurisdictions throughout the world.

Who should come?  Both lawyers and non-lawyers particularly those with an
interest in software development not just the development of video games.  The
presentation will focus on the practical applications of intellectual property
issues for video games including those which may be deemed to be
?controversial? in nature.

Craig Hunter graduated from Edinburgh University and initially worked for the
Scottish Office on policy formulation.  He subsequently entered the computer
games industry as a Producer/Project Manager in 1998 and thereafter became Head
of Production for a major video games developer responsible for the planning
and delivery of numerous titles across various different platforms.  He has
been responsible for developing a number of successful titles worldwide based
on internally developed intellectual property as well as additional titles
exploiting existing and licensed intellectual property.  He formed Insurgent
Studios Limited in 2005 with Dr Jonathan Dobson and has subsequently worked
with a wide range of clients in the video game sector and the wider software
industry providing a range of consultancy services including external product
review and due diligence, project and software management consultancy, project
development and delivery (working with internal development teams and outsource
partners) and the development of creative works.

To book a place please reply by e-mail to: sscl at ccwlegal.co.uk

CPD ? 1 Hour

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