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Robert Inder robert at interactive.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 03:27:24 PDT 2008

So last year, several folk said they enjoyed the croquet evening and
would like to do it again.

The Croquet club are happy to do this, but have "strongly encouraged"
me to organise it for a Friday evening.

The format would be the same as last year.  It will all be very
informal, using half-size lawns.  Starting at something 6:30 (or
thereabouts), I'll talk folks through the rules and then everyone can
have a chance to try both golf croquet and association.  Then I'd
expect at least some people to go to Cloisters...

GC is a very interactive game that gets you into the feel of hitting
balls through hoops.  Association is the "brain strain" variant ---
"analogue chess".  A game in which the first step towards going
through the hoop six feet in front of you is to hit your ball 30 yards
to your right...

The cost will be 5 pounds per person, including use of equipment.
Wear soft shoes (trainers).

To get an idea of interest, I've set up a Doodle doobrie at

We can get eight people on a single lawn, but if there is enough
interest I can book a second, so is should be OK to "bring a friend":
just vote for them separately, so I can see total numbers.

If/when I see "enough" interest for a particular evening, I'll book
the lawn...

So, it really is a case of "Vote early and (if appropriate) vote often".


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