[Edinburgh-pm] Annual picnic

Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Sun Jul 13 08:04:53 PDT 2008

Robert Rothenberg writes:
> On 10/07/08 09:50 A Smith wrote:
>> How about a dry sunny warm evening.  What about designating the
>> next meeting in August, as the pubs will be full of festival
>> folk.
> Good point. Guilford Arms is unbreable during the festival.

I'm definitely not against the August meeting being a non-pub meeting.
But I think the trickiest part of picnic planning is finding a day
with suitable weather, and waiting till mid-August for our first
attempt just makes life harder.

Here's my proposal: let's pick, say, this coming Wednesday (16th
July).  If it's not sunny in the morning, we punt, and roll it over to
the following week.  Then lather/rinse/repeat until we've found a
sunny Wednesday.

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