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Kevin White kevin at theconfused.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 04:40:11 PDT 2008

Lo Folks,

I am not quite new to Edinburgh but am looking for a new job. I know  
all the usual suspects for job hunting (jobserve, cwjobs, monster,  
jobs.perl) and use them regularly. What I was hoping was that someone  
on the list would be able to point me towards companies within  
Edinburgh or the close environs that use the talents of a Perl  

I am looking for either a contract or a permanent position (although  
permie is difficult due to the number of mouths to feed!). I have  
worked as a software engineer for over 10 years, most of that time  
with Perl although I have also dabbled in PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and  
others. This work has inevitably involved the odd database: MySQL,  
PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle. Some sample projects and clients:

Oxford University Press (Journals)  - Technical Team Leader - most of  
this work was with Perl using HTML::Mason. Included their CMS, e- 
commerce and an events management system.
HSBC - Software Engineer - Again Perl with a splashing of Java. Used  
WebGUI for an intranet and did a lot of work on a reconciliation  
reporting system for the Alternative Funds Service.
Oxford GlycoSciences - Software Engineer - Mix of work with their  
laboratory information system and also a monstrous database of open  
source genomic and protenomic data.

I have also had a couple of roles as a usability and accessibility  
consultant within Edinburgh. This included many of the usual tasks  
within user centred design such as requirements gathering, profiling,  
task analysis, wire framing and prototyping, usability and  
accessibility testing and heuristic evaluations.

My full CV  is available at http://www.dewoollery.co.uk/kevin_cv.pdf

If anyone knows of companies that are or might be looking for someone  
with my skills I would love to hear from you. Or if anyone knows of a  
well hidden source of freelance work I would love to know.

Feel free to pass this on to any decision makers that you know of, it  
would be most appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


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