[Edinburgh-pm] Croquet Evening

Robert Inder robert at interactive.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 03:34:14 PDT 2008

I think I caught most of you last night, but here's the low-down.

The Perlongers croquet is TOMORROW evening, and the Meadows
Croquet club which (none too surprisingly) is located at the West end
of the Meadows.  The club is mostly surrounded by fairly high hedges, but
if you go to the swing park at the bottom of Bruntsfield Links and face into
town, you'll be looking over the lawns.  Use the gate next to
the pavillion (i.e. NOT the one right next to the swing park).

I intend to get there a bit before six to set out the lawn(s).
Arrive as soon as you like after that!  You can start by just
messing about getting the feel of hitting a ball with a mallet
and going through hoops and such like.  When there are enough
folk there, they can start playing Golf croquet, which is the
simpler game you can play on a croquet lawn.  After people have
had a while doing that, I'll run over the rules of Association Croquet,
which is the more complex game that involves building "breaks"
the way you do in snooker.   It's the sort of game that
can fry your brain, but it also seems to appeal to computer types!

Then folk can either play more golf or have a shot at Association.

Then we go to the pub:-)

There is no particular plan for food: if you want to bring a sarnie or
similar, you can eat it in the pavilion.  Otherwise, the Bombay Bicycle
Club is on the way to Cloisters...

The only restriction is SOFT SOLED SHOES.  The softer the better:-)
Especially if it is going to be raining during the day, since that
will soften the lawns.  So look out you trainers or similar.

Since we live in Scotland, you may also want to dress bearing
in mind the possibility of rain.

The cost is 5 pounds which includes use of the lawn and a
hitting stick.

See you tomorrow evening.


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