[Edinburgh-pm] Edinburgh.pm

Julian Turnbull jules-turnbull at zetnet.co.uk
Sun Apr 13 14:38:30 PDT 2008

>> PS  Is the scotch whiskey museum and Camera Obscura on Royal Mile
>> worth it?  They seemed more than a little touristy.
> I've not been to either, and I'm sure they're touristy, but I think
> I've also heard good things about them.
Years since I've been to the Camera Obscura, but it's worth going at 
least once - preferably on a sunny day.  They've probably changed the 
exhibits you see on the way up since I was there, so I won't comment on 
them, but the Camera proper is good.  You know perfectly well that 
you're seeing a projection of the current scene outside, but somehow all 
the cues tell you it's a static image, until something happens to remind 
you it isn't.


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