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Aaron Crane perl at aaroncrane.co.uk
Sun Apr 13 07:49:28 PDT 2008

Michael G Schwern writes:
> Hi, sorry for not getting back sooner, I've been dropping a lot of
> email on the floor while traveling.

Not to worry, I know how that goes.

> Yes, I'm in town now and have some time!  I'll be leaving Tuesday
> morning so any time before then for an emergency social would be
> great.  I'm staying with a friend in Newington and I don't have any
> concrete plans while I'm here. Just tell me when and where.

Excellent.  Given that it's already Sunday afternoon, that leaves
Monday evening as the most likely option.  I propose we go to the
Whisky Society at 28 Queen Street:


(They have another branch in Leith, which I slightly prefer, but it's
closed on Monday evenings.)

It has lots of interesting single-cask whiskies, and tasty (if not
exactly cheap) bar food.

It's members-and-guests only, but I think we have enough members on
the list to get in everyone who wants to come.

How does 7pm sound?

> PS  Is the scotch whiskey museum and Camera Obscura on Royal Mile
> worth it?  They seemed more than a little touristy.

I've not been to either, and I'm sure they're touristy, but I think
I've also heard good things about them.

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