[Edinburgh-pm] #edinburgh.pm

Struan Donald struan at exo.org.uk
Thu Nov 8 06:44:06 PST 2007

* at 08/11 13:17 +0000 Aaron Crane said:
> I don't think I would.  I tried using IRC a little while ago, and found
> that I alternated between spending all my time watching IRC and not
> keeping up with it at all, because other things were taking priority.
> (Maybe I need to work on my skim-reading skills or something.)

I found the same with large channels like #london.pm but smaller ones
I've used in the past have not been as bad simply becuase there isn't
such a constant stream of chat. 

Not to denigrate edinburgh.pm but I suspect it would tend more towards
the small and possibly be less alarming.

> But, that said, I'm broadly in favour of it -- I know lots of people
> like IRC.  And, who knows, if there were an active Edinburgh.pm
> channel, maybe I'd try IRC again.

I also might well use it, at least outside the 9-5.

And hey, it's not like the set up costs are high ;)


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