[Edinburgh-pm] CPAN application installation in practice

Nick Woolley nickwoolley at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 13 08:06:54 PDT 2007


I'm trying to write a CPAN distribution which installs essentially an 
application.  As part of that, it needs to install some config files and 
a skeleton directory somwhere much like the /etc/skel directory used for 
new home directories in unix. This skeleton directory needs to have it's 
permissions and ownership set approproately for the host system (which 
conceivably might not be unix).

I don't suppose anyone has any pointers or books they could lend me that 
explains how to write CPAN-style module distrbutions which do things 
like that?  It doesn't seem to be something directly supported by the 
framework I'm using, Module::Build.



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