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Robert Rothenberg robrwo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 07:54:31 PST 2007

On 07/01/07 15:29 Murray wrote:
> On the 10th January, in the year:
> 1475, Stephen III of Moldavia defeats the Ottoman Empire.
> 1810, Marriage of Napoleon and Josephine is annulled.
> 1861, Florida secedes from the US during the American Civil War.
> 1863, The first section of the London Underground Railway opens.
> 1920, League of Nations holds its first meeting, ending World War I.
> 2001, Wikipedia starts.

Some other interesting anniversaries:

49 BC - Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signaling the start of civil war.
1776 - Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense
1870 - John D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil.
1927 - The film Metropolis by Fritz Lang premieres.
1946 - First General Assembly of the United Nations opens in London.
1990 - Time Warner is formed from the merger of Time Inc. and Warner
       Communications Inc.
2000 - America Online announces an agreement to buy Time Warner for
       $162 billion, the largest corporate merger in history.

and birthdays of interesting people

Rasputin (1869)
Donald Knuth (1938)
Rod Stewart (1945)
George Foreman (1949)

> Seems like an excellent date for the first 2007 tipple of Edinburgh PM.  

I'll be out of town on Wednesday.


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